Our Mission:

The Fund’s primary mission is to provide limited financial support to all families of Peel Regional Paramedic Services who have lost their lives or become critically ill or injured while on or off duty.

Peel Paramedic Benevolent Fund is a registered not-for-profit corporation with the Ontario Government (corp.#1871093) operating in Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada.

Membership is comprised of enrolled employees of the Paramedic service, support and logistics staff, as well as management.

It was created by a group of dedicated Paramedics, support staff, and management in response to a need for additional support for our Paramedic family in the Region of Peel. Enrollment in the fund is offered to any part time or full time staff or associate member of Peel Regional Paramedic Services.

If you are employed under the Peel Regional Paramedic Services Umbrella and would like to join: email us at peelbenevolent@gmail.com

If you are not a member of Peel Regional Paramedic Services but you would like to make a contribution or donate to the fund, please reach out to us at peelbenevolent@gmail.com.